The future of MasterNode investing

Currently, masternodes are a tough asset to invest in. They're difficult to set up and (if you're not a developer) require at least 1 tech-savvy partner that you have to trust with your money. Despite lacking any means of control. GIN will change all that.

With a few clicks you can set-up your masternode automatically. Today this is available for GIN and very soon we are extending this ability to other masternode blockchains out there.

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Masternodes & Mining Rewards split 50/50?

No more technical barriers for entry
(GINcoin’s roadmap)

One-click GINcoin masternode setup ✓DONE

Deploy any GINcoin masternode easily and without delving deep into the code.

One-click 3rd party blockchain
masternode setup ✓DONE

The beauty of what we're building is that it can extend to any other coin as well, making masternode investments a lot simpler.

Masternode setup & administration UI ✓DONE

Exactly what it says on the box - the market is mature enough to stop relying on console whizz-kids and savvy devs.

Shared masternodes UI

This is going to be awesome, but we won't tell you more about it yet. Just keep your eyes on our Reddit and Discord announcements.

Are you as excited as we are?

Details at a glance
(everything you need to know)

Aside from the Turnkey Masternode tech we're working on, here is GIN in a gist.

Ticker - GIN
Algorithm - Lyra2Z
Block time - 2 min
Block reward - 20
(decreases by 50% every year)
Total supply - 10.5 M GIN
Masternode - 50% reward
MN required Coins - 1,000
Premine - 4%

Get your masternode for 1,000 GIN

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