Make the Bitcoin Market Work For You With Immediate Edge!

Announcement: Gincoin is joining Immediate Edge in the beginning of 2021 as part of a big partnership.

Immediate Edge has been providing people with Bitcoin trading opportunities since 2016. We started Immediate Edge as a website that helps people understand what works when trading cryptocurrencies. Our goal was to produce the best trading robot on the market.

We provide an artificial intelligence-powered approach to crypto trading. We use trading robot software to review the latest contracts for difference between Bitcoin and various fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. The trading robot will identify trends on the market and execute trades based on the parameters you wish to utilize.

Better Than Your Bank

Investing in the Bitcoin market with Immediate Edge is a better solution for your money than if you stored everything in a bank. While a bank can secure your money, you aren’t going to get as much off of those funds as you wish. The interest rate on your money might not be as steady as you might hope. The value might be less than the current market rate of inflation, thus meaning that your funds are not as valuable as they were at the start. There is also the risk that your bank might fail, causing you to lose your funds unless they are insured.

Using Immediate Edge is a better choice, as you can get your money to grow at rates higher than whatever your bank might provide. You can make more off of the trading robot system we utilize.

Why Join?

Immediate Edge provides a sensible approach to investing. Immediate Edge helps you make more money even if you aren’t familiar with how the cryptocurrency industry works.

Immediate Edge is easy to use on your desktop computer or your mobile device. You can fund your account and then start trading Bitcoin with one of many currencies. Your deposit is secure, and so are your transactions.

You’ll have access to more leverage when trading cryptocurrencies. You can use the leverage we provide to help you earn more from a trade.


Steven Images
Steven, South Africa

“It didn’t take long for me to start using Immediate Edge. The website is easy to use, and it lets me know where my money is going.”

Benjamin Images
Benjamin, Australia

“The best part of Immediate Edge is that they simplify the trading process. I have tried too many crypto platforms that are impossible to read, but Immediate Edge lets me know what I am doing each time I start using the setup.”

Craig Images
Craig, New Zealand

“I invested £250 at the start with Immediate Edge, and I turned it into £10,000 in less than a year. The trading robots Immediate Edge uses do work.”

Maria Images
Maria, Australia

“I tried out the demo trading setup that Immediate Edge provides, and it turned out to be easy for me to use. But it wasn’t until I started trading for real that I discovered how effective Immediate Edge is and how I can make so much money off the system.”

Stuart Images
Stuart, United Kingdom

“I appreciate that Immediate Edge gives me the chance to get more out of my currency trades without making me spend more than necessary. The people are very transparent over what they can do for my work.”

Sandra Images
Sandra, United Kingdom

“Immediate Edge has helped me get my start in being a professional Bitcoin trader quite well. They make trading simple, and I always know what is happening when I start.”

Ryan Images
Ryan, South Africa

“I’ve made a profit of about R100,000 in the past few months with the Immediate Edge system. The total is so much more than what my bank would give me.”

Wendy Images
Wendy, Australia

“A friend of mine recommended Immediate Edge to me, but I wasn’t so certain about how it would work. I thought it was a scam and that the system doesn’t work well. But I’ve already turned $250 into $2,500 after a few months, so I know it’s perfect. My only regret is that I doubted it at the start.”

Our Technology

We at Immediate Edge use a thorough system that reviews how the Bitcoin market moves and when we will complete trades. The Immediate Edge system uses a trading robot that links to many markets through multiple brokers. The brokers provide full execution systems that complete trades in moments. The setup ensures that the transactions can move instantly.

The trading robot system completes trades in less than a second on average. The speed prevents slippage, a problem where losses occur when the bid or ask price changes after executing a trade.


There is a potential for you to receive a substantial profit off of your trades when you use Immediate Edge. You can earn thousands from your investment, regardless of the currency you use in your initial deposit. You also have the option to reinvest your profits with us to earn more returns. But you have full control over the trading experience and in what you want the trading robot system to utilize, so watch what you’re going to do when completing your trades with Immediate Edge.


“Immediate Edge gives people the freedom to choose what they will do when investing in Bitcoin. It makes the investment process easier than anyone could imagine.” – Bit World

“The great design of Immediate Edge makes it a necessity for traders to explore. Immediate Edge is simple and lets the user know what’s happening with the currency and various pairs. It also does well in executing trades without the wait.” – Tech Today

How Does It Work?

Immediate Edge uses a trading robot system that monitors the current market and confirms trade data. The system monitors Bitcoin currency pairs through contracts for difference or CFDs. A CFD lets a trader benefit from price changes without having to buy a physical asset.

You can choose from more than forty Bitcoin pairs that link to many currencies from around the world. These include the American dollar, the Euro, and other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum.

The Immediate Edge trading robot also reviews Bitcoin news and completes trades based on various parameters and reports. The news-based trading system monitors market news and adjusts trading actions based on the best opportunities.

Our Advantages

  • Immediate Edge gives you the opportunity to adjust your strategies for operation.
  • The platform from Immediate Edge is easy to use and requires no technical knowledge.
  • The trading robot system works fast and does not risk any delays.
  • The platform is easy to enter, with you requiring USD $250 to sign up for use.
  • You can access the setup for trading from your mobile device or computer. The platform uses the HTML5 language, making it easier for you to read in more places.

More Leverage

One of the best parts of what we offer at Immediate Edge comes from the leverage we provide. We offer trading leverage at rates of up to 4000:1. That means you could trade up to $4,000 for every $1 of committed capital you utilize. You can earn more from your trades thanks to the leverage we provide for your work needs.


Can you use Immediate Edge on a mobile device?

Immediate Edge uses a web software platform that is accessible on desktop and mobile browsers.

Are there any fees for using Immediate Edge?

You will pay a fee for commissions on any profits you get from a trade. The commission fee varies over the value of your trade, but you will only have to spend money on this charge when you earn a profit.

Does the Immediate Edge system use encryption?

Immediate Edge uses a 128-bit encryption system to protect financial data and to ensure all trades clear while online.

Can you trade other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin?

All of the contracts on Immediate Edge involve Bitcoin, but some pairs entail comparing Bitcoin with other cryptocurrencies. These include some of the more prominent currencies like Monero or Bitcoin Gold.

How can you access the demo trading system?

You will have to sign up for an account with Immediate Edge to use the demo trading system. The demo lets you see how to use the Immediate Edge platform.

Do you need to keep checking Immediate Edge each day to see how it works?

It is best to check your Immediate Edge account once or twice a day to see how your trades work. You can use your daily review to configure your trading strategies.

Can you leave trading sessions open for as long as you wish?

You have the choice to control the length of a trading session. It is best to ensure you plan those trading sessions during times when you can review the market and not during overnight hours.

What payment method do you use for funding your account?

You can use a Visa or MasterCard credit card to fund your account.

How much money in profit can the trading robot earn on an average day?

The total may vary, but there have been cases where the trading robot can take in USD $5,000 or more in profits on an average day.

Are there any dedicated apps available?

There are no dedicated apps available for use, but you can still access Immediate Edge through your mobile device on a browser that supports the HTML5 language.

Steps to Start Trading

It takes a few minutes to get ready to trade with Immediate Edge. Here’s how you can complete the work:

  • Fill in the proper form to set up your account. You can secure your username and password here.
  • Add funds to your account. You will need to apply USD $250 or more to start.
  • Wait for a callback from a Immediate Edge personal manager. The manager will provide you the Immediate Edge algorithm necessary for work.
  • You can start trading currencies with Immediate Edge.
In the News

The current value of Bitcoin has been rising and has been well over USD $10,000 in the last few weeks. The currency has hit a new plateau and can increase further. You can take advantage of this upcoming gain by joining Immediate Edge and investing in the market.